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Conclave 25 !!!

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Re: Conclave 25 !!!

Post by BruceJackson »

The Chinese lettering is traditional writing. (mainland China now uses a simplified version that has fewer strokes)

In Pinyin, it is written as "mì yì" - both words are in fourth tone (descending tone) and it is "mee-yee", not "my".

It's not a bad translation actually because 密 means close/secret/dense...it can also refer to a dense forest.
議 (simplified - 议) means to discuss/propose/opinion.

The lower character are simply the numbers 2 and 5. Although, being pedantic, it doesn't correctly represent 25. They write that as 二十五
It needs the middle character which represents ten.


Nice work too! Love it.
Larry White
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Re: Conclave 25 !!!

Post by Larry White »

I seen a piece like this before....it was sittin' on an easel.

I REALLY liked the red background on the vertical panel!

It looked like wrinkled silk....quite striking as I recall.
How do you get it like that, and keep it that way?

Wait a minute, wait just a minute!
That frame looks vaguely familiar...

Hey! ...What's wrong with havin' another sign?

Guess you could donate it to the local thrift store. SWM.

Make another one, YOU! ....more feeling!

-your Blake Buddy...Aho!

How 'bout a close up of those characters against the red panel....(preferably in focus)?

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