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Passing of John Frazier - Original Letterhead

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Kristi Percell
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Passing of John Frazier - Original Letterhead

Post by Kristi Percell »

August 5, 2021 John Frazier Passed Away. The following is a post copied from The Letterheads Website created by Johns sister Linda (Frazier) Manchego

I love that John's name is still out there. My brother, John Frazier, third from the left in the original seven picture, died on August 5th 2021 after being in the hospital for a week. Though he did not work, he never stopped lettering.

The masthead at the top of TheLetterheads.com page was designed by John Frasier, one of the original members.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Frazier family at this time. We have lost a truly great and talented Sign Artist.

Kristi & Ron Percell
Letterhead Sign Supply
Lee Littlewood
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Re: Passing of John Frazier - Original Letterhead

Post by Lee Littlewood »

Wow - I'm sorry to hear that and even sorrier that I didn't know he was alive for the past decade or so. Mark Oatis said that he didn't know where John was and i didn't know any way of contacting him; so dammit. // I met John at the first Denver big meet (maybe 1980? I'm loose about dates) when one got a random Letterhead to swap your piece with (if both wanted to). I got John, and his framed copy of an Arthur Baker page (done in exquisite Rapidograph crosshatching) is on my wall now (he got a sweet little "Tell the World With Signs" glass piece, but I got the best of the deal). Maybe a decade later when I was in Denver I looked him up (through Mark) and visited him - he said he was doing well in rehab and doing some jobs; lost his driver's license so he was getting about by bus - he seemed glad to talk signs and wasn't bitter about his situation - we had a good afternoon. I can't say I knew him, but I liked him. And of course like everyone else I was awed by his design sense and painting abilities. // RIP indeed.
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