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Danny Baronian in the Hospital

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Mike Jackson
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Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Mike Jackson »

Hi Gang,
Just a quick note to let you know Danny is in the hospital again after a relapse of his kidney cancer. I talked to him a while on the phone and he sounded pretty good considering the situation. I asked if he would be home for Christmas and he wasn't sure. His daughter, Amanda, is home with Kathy most of the time. Please say a little prayer for him at this time of the year!

Get Well Danny!
Mike Jackson / co-administrator
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Tyler Tim
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Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Tyler Tim »

Thoughts and Prayer for a speedy recovery.... Danny

Merry Christmas to All... and the hopes for a Happier New Year!
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Patrick Mackle
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Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Patrick Mackle »

Hi to Danny. I just logged in and learned this update. I talked with Danny several months ago and we spoke about things and life things also. I hope you are back on track soon Danny. We'll have to have a chat again. All the best wishes to you. We've been friends for quite a while.
Alex Sheldon
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Location: Detroit, MI

Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Alex Sheldon »

Danny- hope you have a fast recovery
Doug Bernhardt
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Location: Ottawa Canada

Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Doug Bernhardt »

Good Luck old man....best wishes from the cold white north.
Anthony Bennett
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Location: England

Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Anthony Bennett »

Whats the latest update on Danny please Mike?
Danny Baronian
Site Admin
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Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Danny Baronian »

Hi Anthony,

I'm actually doing fine for the time being, taste / desire to eat greatly improved once chemo stopped. Had 1 kidney partially removed 3-4 months ago, but was determined the cancers returned. The treatment for that is to have the cancerous kidney removed.

Again, doing fine for now, making the best of it, while at the same time waiting to see something pop up somewhere else.

Thanks for asking.

Danny Baronian
Baronian Mfg.
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erik winkler
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Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by erik winkler »

Praying for you!
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Still in the learning phase ;-)
Amsterdam Netherlands
Dale Johnson
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Re: Danny Baronian in the Hospital

Post by Dale Johnson »

I wish you all the luck in the world with this cancer thing. My wife is going thru it and I have found cancer to be a horrible thing to happen to anybody.

You are in our prayers.

Dale Johnson, Ormond Beach, FL 32174
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