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Thank You!

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Thank You!

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A big Thank You to those that have contributed to keep The Hand Letter Forum up and running:

Sarah King at Angel Gilding / https://www.angelgilding.com/

Anthony A Bennett

Alex Sheldon

Kevin Betz

Mark Casey

Funds collected beyond this years fees will be used for 2019, which, as usual, is fast approaching. We're already into a new month for 2018!

For those wishing to donate, look here: viewtopic.php?f=2&p=22142#p22137

Again thanks to Sarah,Anthony, Alex, Kevin,and Mark, for helping keep this forum active.


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Re: Thank You!

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I would like to say Thank You !
This Forum has solved many Questions &
brought New Questions. Sharing Techniques
and Ideas only creates a New Idea and
New or Old Methods..............

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