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Vienna’s Last Signpainter (short film)

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Paige Howarth
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Vienna’s Last Signpainter (short film)

Post by Paige Howarth »

I am sure some of you have seen this, but I thought I would share with those who hadn't. It's a lovely short piece about Josef Samuel's long career, and touches on many techniques discussed here. Enjoy.
The second in the 'When Better Letters met' series of short films documents the life and work of Josef Samuel, a 4th generation sign painter and owner/founder of Vienna's incredible Schildermalermuseum (Sign Painter Museum). Directed by Tom Koch and presented by Stuart Freeman this short film takes you back to the golden age of sign painting in Vienna, and through to the modern day.
Link: https://vimeo.com/357763568
Danny Baronian
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Re: Vienna’s Last Signpainter (short film)

Post by Danny Baronian »

Stunning work. That would be a great museum to visit.

Thanks for posting Paige.

Danny Baronian
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