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first time using LeFrancs and having trouble.

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Michael Hauxwell
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Joined: Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:07 pm

first time using LeFrancs and having trouble.

Post by Michael Hauxwell »

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the site and I was hoping for some guidance and advice on using Lefrancs 12 hour size. I'm a complete beginner and any thoughts are welcome.

So, I'm using the new updated version of the Lefrancs 12 hour formula. Firstly i cleaned the glass three times with Bon ami, then i applied the gold size straight from the can. (No straining of the product involved) From that the size has left streaky brush marks and spots that kind of look like dust/air bubbles.

I used a flat quill in applying the size; photographs were taken fours after application with no sign evening out.

Was it a combination of applying the product too thickly and neglecting a crucial step in straining the size?
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John Smith
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Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Re: first time using LeFrancs and having trouble.

Post by John Smith »

I am not familiar with putting an oil based size on glass.
only water size with the appropriate gelatin.

but - regardless of the substrate, I would thin oil size a little and
definitely strain it.
this could also be airborne dust in the room you are working in.
if at all possible, when I am using a 12 hour size, I try to cover it
with something to help keep it clean during the setting time.
like a small tent with newspaper, etc.

gilding is an art that takes tons of practice to finally get it right.
keep trying - you'll get there.


Kings Bay Signs
Kingsland, GA ~ 1980-2008 (Retired)
Doug Bernhardt
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Location: Ottawa Canada

Re: first time using LeFrancs and having trouble.

Post by Doug Bernhardt »

Definitely too much size...just a nice whisper thin coat is what you want.
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