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Post by sleepysign1 »

Hi guys! :D
I have a series of signs to paint for a customer. I’m an artist but have limited experience with large exterior sign work. My customer has made 4 x large pine boards with returning edging. They have been coated three times in water based Cuprinol fence paint for the base layer ready for me to add the 1 shot lettering enamel for the logos and artwork. I’m aware that it is difficult to find a product that will seal over both the water based fence colour used as the base and the enamel lettering as they require slightly different things. I did think about using yacht varnish or water based to seal in the first base layer then applying the enamel and finally using a varnish over both but I am now a little confused what is the best course of action here? Is there a product I could use to seal/varnish over both or will I need to two separate products to do this? I have read it is best to use the same product on the base layer before adding enamel and after? Some advice would be amazing I’ve got myself in a bit of a pickle!!
Many thanks, mark.
John Smith
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Re: Topcoats/clearcoats

Post by John Smith »

Mark - signs of this nature would be more easily addressed in another forum.
http://www.letterville.com/ubb/ultimate ... rum/1.html.
as many members there produce exterior grade wood signs on a regular basis.
use the "search" feature to find similar examples of what you are wanting to do.
my concern would be as to which type of Cuprinol that was used. some of it
has wax or silicone in it to repel water. in any case, I think this project will be fraught with
frustrations right from the start using other paints on top of the Cuprinol as well
as any clear coat thereafter.


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