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Reproduction of a Scalloped Sign and Steps

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Andrew Lawrence
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Reproduction of a Scalloped Sign and Steps

Post by Andrew Lawrence »

I post a good deal on the social medias but thought I'd share here since it's an invaluable resource.

I first saw the original of this piece in the book "California's Best" that has a small section on breweriana and glass signs. There's a local bay area man that has an original so I was referencing both that piece and the photo in the book. I ended up making two of them total, one which was entirely mirrored and the other which was a bit more accurate to the original and gilded in the center area.

Process was as follows.

Vector artwork, add inlines, Scallop edges, clean.

apply mask, Peel centers,

Acid etch centers, wash with water, peel brightline

Chemically silver (spray) lettering, back up with silver back up paint, peel mask,

Gild (back up)

Paint in Eagle motif. Paint Background, Paint Blend.

Couldn't really get great photos of the blend - camera didn't pick it up.

https://video-sjc3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42 ... e=5BD4D7B7
44956971_10102971679976521_2521736094467227648_n.jpg (63.1 KiB) Viewed 4384 times
44857071_10102971680166141_2647922143429394432_n.jpg (96.98 KiB) Viewed 4384 times
44825737_10102971680081311_1697717507441295360_n.jpg (54.78 KiB) Viewed 4384 times
Tyler Tim
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Re: Reproduction of a Scalloped Sign and Steps

Post by Tyler Tim »

Wow very nice job... :wink: So going to share the file?
Sure I paint thing for my amusement and then offer them for sale. A brushslinger could whither en die from lack of creativity in this plastic town my horse threw a shoe in. :shock:
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