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Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

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Danny Baronian
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Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Danny Baronian »

Received a note from Doug recently, with a photo of Doug's last commercial sign, and a short note of his business:

Other than the accolades and that it's actually been 45 years, it is accurate. Time to say bye to sign arts and onto other things... whatever that might be 😳

Doug Bernhardt
Signwriting, Wood Carving & Gold Leaf

A Historical moment in Ottawa. This is a photo of master sign maker/carver/art glass/artist Doug Bernhardt of Ottawa with his last commercial sign job. Doug has been in the business for 50 years. People from around the globe recognize Doug Bernhardt as an industry leader. An active member of the "Letterheads", Doug has traveled extensively in Europe to find inspiration for his artistic work.

I am humbled to call Doug a dear friend. I am happy to see him reach retirement in good health, and sad to say I can't drop in to Bernhardt Signs to hear him yell out Mr. Ed, whats going on?

A fine friend, a warm human being, and an incredible artist. If you have seen any great signs above your favorite pub in Ottawa, or Toronto, or elsewhere, Doug probably designed it by hand, NO computers, and made it the old fashioned way, with a hammer and chisel.

His chipped glass signs are spectacular - there is one I can think of in the Royal Oak on Wellington. Chipped glass, etching, gilding, and painted on the reverse side, amazing!

The end of an era, the fine woodworker crossed with the artist that can paint your portrait on the same sign that he has carved, and gilded with gold.

All the best my good man, you are irreplaceable!!

Cheers, Ted
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Danny Baronian
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Mike Jackson
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Mike Jackson »

I'd like to think this is April 1st and this is an April Fool's Joke!

Maybe Doug will now have more time and will fill this Forum with photos of his work, tips, techniques, and so forth.
Mike Jackson / co-administrator
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Terry Westlin
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Terry Westlin »

Happy Retirement.

I have enjoyed seeing many of your projects here on the forum. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the good life.
Doug Bernhardt
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Doug Bernhardt »

Hey guys...not April fools joke. I'll still be around and an extra pair of hands when and if anyone needs them. I've been looking forward to spending more time at the other passions (oil painting and the like) but I've been an 8 days a week guy for a little too long. Promise to try and organize my photos and contribute here whenever I've got something worth it.
Tyler Tim
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Tyler Tim »

Your work has always been a Joy to view. You are a Jack of the Trade and a Master of many Arts.

Enjoy the new path to it's fullest.
Sure I paint thing for my amusement and then offer them for sale. A brushslinger could whither en die from lack of creativity in this plastic town my horse threw a shoe in. :shock:
Duncan Wilkie
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Duncan Wilkie »

I'm thrilled to have visited your shop Doug. What an inspirational place.
Top notch in every way. Inspiring on many levels.
Glad I met your doggie too.
All the best.
Lee Littlewood
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Lee Littlewood »

(oops, this shows how often I don't check the Forum):

Congratulations Doug!
"an extra pair of hands"... I hope there are folk in Ottawa who realize what a help you would be, and that helps you keep one toe in the water.
On the upside - this may give you more time to travel, and maybe we'll see you in the Pacific Northwest sometime.

Good Luck, Mr. Retro
where am i? Now, when i need me...
Dale Johnson
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Re: Doug Bernhardt_Retired?!

Post by Dale Johnson »

Hi Doug,
I have tried to retire but it just does not happen, unless you park your butt in a chair , watch TV and wait to die. I am not interested in that. If by chance you decide to travel come and visit me here in Ormond Beach, FL. We run the heat about 12 days a year and the rest of the time the Wx is perfect or a little too hot. I have a small paintshop and do not work very hard, but I love what I do.

My travelling days are pretty slim to none anymore as my wife is not able to travel. I would love to come north, I even got a new truck, but it is not in the cards.

Take Care, Dale Johnson
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