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Welcome to all the new members!

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Mike Jackson
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Welcome to all the new members!

Post by Mike Jackson »

Just a quick note to all of the new members! It appears we have been getting more and more new, young members lately. This site was originally started by Sarah Schwartz. I am sure she'd be proud of the growth of the site and the quality of the posts and responses. The site has attracted an outstanding collection of artists and craftspeople, many of which are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

And, I should do a quick shout out to the Denver Chapter of the Letterheads for sponsoring this site. Their yearly check pays for the costs and registrations. Also, thanks to Danny Baronian who monitors all of the registrations daily and culls out the bot registrations and non-signmaking registrations.

Mike Jackson
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Ron Berlier
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Re: Welcome to all the new members!

Post by Ron Berlier »

I too would like to extend a huge thank you to The Denver Letterheads for their continuing financial support and to Danny for keeping a close eye the boards activity. Also, Mike, you are not to be overlooked for your constant attention to the web site - Thanks :!: :!: :!:
Ron Berlier
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Olivier Gaudry
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Re: Welcome to all the new members!

Post by Olivier Gaudry »

Many thanks from France to all of you who's sharing knowledge !!!
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